Young tiger becoming more skeptical now


JR NTR Photos (17)It is a very general tendency of human beings being skeptical about everything when nothing is going right in their lives or careers. Even film stars are not exceptional in such matters. To prove it right, Young tiger NTR is now becoming more skeptical about his career. We know that NTR has been going through a rough phase since a long time now. He is so desperate to score a big hit to bounce back in the main league. His previous films “Dammu”, “Ramayya Vastavayya” and “Rabhasa”have taught him some valuable lessons.Hence NTR decides not to do any routine mass masala entertainers. Isn’t that great decision?

Bounding to his decision, it is learnt that NTR has clearly asked for some changes in Puri’s script. It is learnt that Puri was asked to remove unnecessary comedy scenes that doesn’t fit in the story. And also it is heard that NTR has given his nod to Sukumar ,who is known for his versatility and innovative thinking in film making.

And the bigest surprise is,it is said to be believed that NTR is showing interest to act under Krish’s direction,the film maker who never made any commercial film so far.NTR seems to be trying hard to wipe off his mass image. Let’s wish him all the very best and hope his daring decisions bring him back the needed break through and fading stardom.


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