Young hero demands surprising sum?


Nani2One would wonder to know if any actor or actress demands highest remuneration, who is under going a rough phase with back to back flops. There are few stars who surprise the directors and producers with such demands that are irrevalant of their form. And here comes Nani,joins that list. As per the latest buzz in T-town, it is learnt that this  young talented hero has revised his remuneration schale it seems. Despite a series of big flops and unsure of release of “Jenda Pai Kapiraju”, gen x actor Nani has reportedly demanded Rs. 2.5 crore remuneration, reveals a industry source who was shocked with”Paisa” star’s revised hike.

Although, he is talented actor and proved his mettle in films like ‘Eega’, ‘Ala Modalayindi’ and ‘Pilla Zamindar” but his market hasn’t expanded, so his new rate card, wasn’t keeping up with declining branding. The biggest flop “Aha Kalyanam” (remake o
f Band Baaza…) further dented his star value so, he should have been more ‘accommodate’ to take up a film, rather he is quoting big sum, to boost and survive his stardom.

Now, he needs to have a good film on hand and should not give up an offer, just for the sake of money. He is doing it to keep small-time producers and directors or is he believing that he deserves such a good price, it is difficult to believe?


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