Young hero not so brave off the screen


naga-chaitanya-oka-laila-kosamOf course, movie is different to the real life isn’t it?In fact, many stars are usually not seem to be so brave in real life,as it needs lots of guts to show there heroism off the screen to be so. Usually ,those who are in this glamor field do have certain fears like, The fear of losing the star status, the fear of failing to meet expectations of cinema lovers, the fear of losing personal lives due to professional commitments. These are some very common fears among top celebrities in film industry. Ask Naga Chaitanya, if he too is having comparable fears, our romantic hero takes reveals a bit about them.

‘I always have these reality checks in mind, as I constantly fear about losing everything’, Chaitanya says, after a moment of silence. ‘Undoubtedly my life is privileged, but everything is not permanent. After reading incidents in newspaper about certain tragedies that occur in lives of various people, I realized that I’m away from all that but also became conscious about imminent threats’, he added further. Of course, every celeb is vulnerable to such tragedies, and there should be a plan-B and backup plan always if not cinemas. Chaitu says he has one, but haven’t revealed it.

After scoring a hit with Manan, he got a bitter pill in the form of Auto Nagar Surya. But the young actor admitted that he is happy for Deva Katta projecting him as able mass hero and moved on to his next release ‘Oka Laila Kosam’. Promotions are on full swing for this Sep 5 release.


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