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Young director troubles top producer


Bellamkonda suresh son new movie opening14Call it is an attitude, or call it as head weight….but yes, an younng and budding director named Santosh Srinivas is reportedly harassing top producer Bellamkonda Suresh, by taking frequent breaks from the shooting of ‘Rabhasa’.

Once he cancelled the shoot of a song sequence, since director didn’t like the colours of the set and then again once cancelled shooting claiming to be ill and got hospitalized but diagnosed with normal fever but such acts have sent the production cost into a tizzy and even jr NTR is unhappy with the the director.

A source, claims that director is taking revenge against Bellamkonda Suresh, since at the beginning, producer reportedly slapped the director for not listening to his suggestions and director made a complaint against the producer, but industry bigwigs settled the dispute. Keeping that in mind, director is showing his true colors now.

Boy, you are just a kid in-front of such stalwarts…don’t show your tail to them….they might cut into pieces and you can never ever be seen in Tollywood anytime..Ego’s won’t work with bigheads buddy…


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