Another star commits suicide


03-Struggling-actressThe misery of struggling artistes in the country another actress kills herself due to the stress and fear for her career in B-town. And she is Saiyyam (28) , who has acted in a film called ‘The Haunted House’ and was awaiting the release of another film ‘The Last Horror’. According to the police, on August 30, a day before the incident, Saiyyam had asked her sister to go to the market to purchase vegetables.

Riya studies in Dehradun but had come down to Mumbai to stay with her sister, since July 22. The duo’s parents have passed away. Before Riya left the house, Saiyyam hugged her and told her she loved her. She asked her sister to come back home, eat dinner and go to sleep without disturbing her, as she was resting. Riya returned from the market and watched TV late into the night. All the while, she could hear the strains of the song ‘Tum Ho’ from Rockstar play in her sister’s room on loop. Thinking that her sister had fallen asleep with her iPod on, she went in and found her hanging from the ceiling fan. Riya then called the police. Police said the actress also left behind a suicide note in which she holds nobody responsible for her drastic step and that nobody should be questioned after her death.

Writing that she was willingly committing suicide and that she loved her sister, she emailed the note to her G mail account from her iPad. The victim’s sister has alleged that Saiyyam would never take such a step. She believes it is her boyfriend who has pushed her into taking this extreme decision. According to her, the man, who is the son of a well-known actor, used to abuse and assault her sister. She was upset because he had been avoiding her. “My sister loved her boyfriend, but he only ignored her. The evening before the incident, she went to meet him. When she returned, she was depressed. She would always worry about her boyfriend, but he did not take her seriously. I am sure something happened, which triggered the suicide,” Riya told to the media.

The last phone call made from the victim’s phone is to her boyfriend. However, Riya doesn’t want to file a police case as she doesn’t have the strength to go through the rigmarole of the legal procedures. “I am alone and have no family. I know the truth, but I can’t fight to get justice for my sister. If I name him, I’m sure the cops will start raising questions against my sister and I. It is difficult to fight this system and I can’t do it alone,” she added.


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