Yet another example of PK’s geneorosity


Pawan Kalyan Latest Trendy Look PhotosIf you shake any Pawan Kalyan fan and ask him to speak something about Pawan Kalyan’s generosity, he would speak for hours together. Because, everyone has their own experiences of PK’s genoristy either directly or indirectly. Film industry people also speaks so loud about this reel and real life star’s humanity.The film fraternity often refers to him as a man with a big heart. We have always heard of stories of the actor helping those in distress. Now here is another proof of his envious persona.

Post-election results and Modi’s swearing in Pawan took off for a family vacation to Paris. He went to Paris along with third wife Anna Lezhneva and kids. He boarded the flight bound to Dubai in Hyderabad and he did not mind keeping his bags in the coat bin himself. If that’s not a big thing, he offered to lift a co-passenger’s baggage to coat bin. The co-passenger goes awe with Pawan’s humility . Here is the post from pawan’s co-passanger in the flight which shows Pawan’s persona.

Jayadev Appannagari (co-passenger): “On my way to Los Angeles took the first flight from Hyderabad to Dubai and as usual I was one of the last ones to enter into the flight and all the overhead bins in the first class were full since it has only two rows. I see the gentleman in front of me frustrated for not having any place for his luggage and the air hostess was carrying his heavy bag to put it in the coat bin and next was my turn and I was about to give mine to her then I see a gentleman walking behind me and carrying two roller bags and lifting and putting himself in the coat bin then I felt embarrassed to given mine to air hostess. So, I was lifting mine and he was closer to the bin and he offered to put mine in the bin.

Today is the swearing-in ceremony for Mr Modi and celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman are attending who had little or nothing to do in this election. But this gentleman who had major impact in this election particularly in saving of State of Andhra Pradesh opted out of the line lite and decided to spend time with his family in Paris. I have more respect to you now and Hats of to you Pawan Kalyan”.

He will return to the city in June first week as his new film ‘Deva Devam Bhaje’ will be launched on 2nd and its regular shooting will take off from 10th June.


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