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Yaswant K


Screen Name :Yaswant K
Original Name : Yaswant K
Phone : 23554459
Cell : 9848841935
Email :
Address : 541,road no 9,Film nagar Jublihills Hyd 500033


Number of films : 3

Prominent films : Aaroje

Other language films : Kannada "Abhinandane"

First film

Year : 2005

Film : Prema Charitra

Director : Madhusudan

Producer : Sri Pad

Banner : Amba Movies

Charector : Hero


College :

Primary : Fashion Technology


Mother tongue : Telugu

Other languages : English,Tamil

Personal info

Original name : Yaswant K

screen name : Yaswant K

Other name : Rinku

Place of birth : Tenali

Father's name : Umamaheswar Rao

Father's DOB : 21-07-1953

Mother's name : Sashikalaa

Mother's DOB : 14-09-1962

Contact Details

Telephone : 23554459

Cellphone: : 9848841935

Address : 541,road no 9,Film nagar Jublihills Hyd 500033

State : AP

Other info


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