She is working hard to grab the attention


Isha Talwar (23)You got to be need some luck other than the sexy curves to sustain the film industry. Isha Talwar, another glamour doll who was dumped from North for Nithin, Nityamenon starrer “Gundejaari Gallanthayinde” .This beauty has not been rewarded well by the Telugu audience as Nityamenon stole all the show for “Gundejari Gallantayinde”.
In fact, this hot lady has shed loads of oomph factor in her first movie itself. Though the flick is a big blockbuster, Isha got no attention as all that credit is swept away by Nitya Menon. At the same time, Isha is rated as a beauty with loads of curves but without any cent of acting. This led to no opportunity in Telugu movies until latest flick ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ has fallen in her kitty. To make the most out of this flick, Isha Talwar now started seducing attention at promotions itself.
The other day she was seen sporting a revealing dress that showcased her navel and midriff without any covering. Also she is quite bold in expressing herself and all these things are simply called attention grabbing acts. Let us see how far it works.
Does her navel gets her enough opportunities? Poor Isha, try something else baby.


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