Women audience offended by AK nude poster


pk-poster517-aug1Well, here is the news again where another set of people who got offended by Aamir Khan’s new poster for “PK” movie for which he went all nude. But this time it is a group of women audience got offended by “PK” poster as they found it to be very obscene.

Mumbai’s famous Gaiety-Galaxy theaters have removed the talking standee of the PK poster after complaint from a group of women audience. Yesterday, a group of women went to theaters to watch a movie, and saw the PK standee, where Aamir Khan is standing completely nude, save for a radio covering his modesty.

They immediately conveyed their displeasure to the theater manager.They even lodged police complaint on the nude poster and made sure that the standee was promptly removed.

A Kanpur lawyer has already filed a complaint against Aamir Khan and the makers of the film for ‘obscene’ poster. Other side The poster is also said to be copied/inspired from the cover art of a Portuguese musician’s single.


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