Will the superstar do it again?


rajinikanthEveryone knows about superstar Rajanikanth’s personality. Especially in terms of care taking of his producers, there are number of examples to give. There were a lot of occasions,where the superstar has refunded the money to the producers who suffered huge losses after investing in his films. Reason why, though “Vikramasimha” is again facing the problems from buyers who are not showing enough confidence to buy the distributions rights,there comes one man called Subrahmaniyam with full confidence in Rajinikanth and has invested 20 crores and purchased the distribution rights finally.

Hoping that, Rajini would anyhow compensates if at all any losses occur to bear by the distributor and the producers post “Vikramashimha”‘s release. Usually, no producer would dare to request any hero of Rajini’s stature, but here the real superstar is always different from others.

Surely, Rajni would be arranging big sums prior-to-release of Vikramasimha, since if something goes wrong, he knows that distributors will tap his door and seek refund of losses and Subramanyam would be one of those ‘seekers’ since he has put in more than 20 crores keeping hopes on this 3-animated avatars.

One should wait and see what happens after “Vikramasimha” ‘s release. As per the distributor and producer’s hopes, will Rajinikanth repeat his practice of compensating ?


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