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I will not be Brahmanandam anymore


brahmanandamWe may not believe if this is said by any one else, but ace comedian Brahmanandam himself said so. But why did he say so? Here is the complete news on on.

One might find it to be the peaks of exaggeration or self boasting about the role played by Brahmanandam in “Alludu Seenu” movie which slated for released tomorrow . Speaking about his role ” Dimple” in Alludu Seenu, Brahmanandam shared few of his views on the movie and his role in the film.

‘I always love how director Vinayak names me in his movies. I was shocked when he named my character as Bobby in Krishna movie, but that went on to become a huge success. Similarly my role in Alludu Seenu will also burst you into laughs’, says Brahmi, revealing that he is playing a character named ‘Dimple’ in the movie. ‘I’m Dimple, an assistant of Prakash Raj in the flick. As I fail to recognize the dual roles being played by Prakash Raj, my confusion turns huge fun. You’ll not remember my original name after watching Alludu Seenu as Dimple is such a powerful comedy role I’ve ever played’, he adds.

Let us see how good “Dimple” can tickle your funny bones .


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