Warm welcome to Murali Mohan


MuralimohanThat shows the commitment, that shows the dedication, that shows the killer instinct of a well known film personality,Mr. Murali Mohan, President – Movie Artistes Association. Losing to his nearest rival from congress in 2009 general elections, Murali Mohan was never disappointed during the course of his trails to serve the people . He has been the part of several social welfare shcemes through his charitable trust and TDP from a long time now. Looking at his dedication, TDP President N.Chandrababu Naidu has shown immense faith in Murali Mohan and has given him an MP ticket for Rajhumundry constituency.

Keeping his leader’s hopes alive , Murali Mohan has won the election with a bumper majority of 1,67,697 votes on his nearest rival BA Choudary from YSRCP. Murali Mohan has returned to Hyderabad this morning, and few film fraternities like Maharshi Raghava, Shivaji Raja, Shiva Prasad and Sekhar Sunkara have met him to greet.

After a small and warm felicitation, Murali Mohan speaking to the media said” I heartuflly thank Chandrababu Naidu for having shown so much faith in me and allotting me the MP ticket. I sincerely thank each and everyone who has voted for me. I shall now strive to develop all the 7 constitunecies that fall under East Godavari District. I congratulate my fellow artistes Balakrishna from TDP, Shivaprasad from TDP , Roja from YSRCP and Babu Mohan from TRS parties , who also have won the elections .

I here by would like to make an appeal to all the film lovers across both the states that, though our movie artistes have won from different places of both the states representing different states , our Movie Artistes Association will remain the same. We are always united forever. We would like to arrange a press meet soon to address the people on the same.” added Murali Mohan.


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