I wanted to be silent : Ram Charan Tej


Ram-Charan-in-Govindudu-AndarivadeleOne might wonder why did Mega Powerstar Ram Charan want to be silent? Here is the reason, check this story out.

Bowled out everyone with his handsome looks and polished yet honest talk the other day. Motivated by the speeches of his colleagues, especially director Krishna Vamsi, Cherry shared his inside at Govindudu Andarivadele teaser launch the other day.

Before the launching of GAV’s colorful teaser, Charan thought that he would not speak a word as he feels that the film itself should speak volumes on October 1, after its release. ‘As I wanted my film to speak, I thought of finishing with the line Andariki Namaskaram today. But Krishna Vamsi’s honest emotional speech made me open mouth’, says Charan. In a lucid tone, he stresses, ‘After bumping into Krishna Vamsi incessantly for four years to make a family-drama with me, finally I got a chance in the form of GAV. It is not that I okayed his project in minutes, it is that I’m waiting for it from years’ .

Earlier KV turned emotional saying that at a time no one is daring to look at his face even, Charan has given him a golden opportunity. Krishna Vamsi’s hard work and Charan’s dedication are surely going to pay off, and that is what the trailer reads.

What is your take on this folks?


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