I want to become mother before marriage


Shruti Hassan Hot Photos-FilmyTrend (7)Probably ,being grown up with a single parent since her childhood made her that strong. Sexy Shruti Haasan is a strong lady who always made her own choices,without her mother Saarika and father Kamal Hasan’s consent. And naturally, her independent nature has made her take the decision to become an actress,and she became and excelling now at Kollywood and Tollywood simultaneously.

When asked about love & relationships in a talk show recently, Shruti reacted,
“My parents were the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. Being around them at the time when they were together is such a wonderful feeling. Just like my parents, I wish to have a child out of marriage first and then tie the nuptial knot”.

Notably, Kamal Haasan has been in a live-in relationship with Sarika after his break-up with first wife Vani Ganapathy. They tied the knot only after the birth of Shruti Haasan and the marriage, however, didn’t work leading to their break-up.

Shruti Haasan is bold and brave enough to declare that she will choose the path tried and tested by her parents. Let’s see how it works for this versatile actress. By the way, any guy to make a live-in relation with this young and sexy siren of South?


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