Vishal team up with Director Mysskin


Vishal has cancelled ‘Sandakozhi 2’, the most anticipated sequel to his 2005 blockbuster with director Lingusamy. Close on the heels of completing Marudhu with Komban-fame Muthaiah in April, sources say that Vishal will kickstart his fantasy movie with Mysskin. A few years ago, Vishal and Mysskin came together to do a movie, but reportedly parted ways due to creative differences. A source says, “Mysskin and Vishal recently met and discussed a script. It is a different genre from Mysskin’s earlier films — a fantasy! And, Vishal has agreed to work on this film.” Mysskin is busy producing and acting as the negative lead in ‘Savarakathi’ directed by his brother G.R.Adithya. Vishal and Mysskin who are busy with their upcoming projects will start working on their film in May after completing their present commitments. The other cast and crew members will be finalized soon.


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