Vikram’s monstrous look in “I”


First-Look--Star-Hero-s-Monstrous-Look--1150No doubt that Chiyan Vikram is one of the most committed heroes of Kollywood,who can easily go to any extent for his role . He loves to keep experimenting with his looks,his characterization. We have seen that in few of his films like “Aparichitudu”, “Mallanna” etc. And now. he is doing the same thing in Shakar’s magnum opus “I” ,in which Vikram will be seen again in different shades of characters. One among those is a monstrous look,that is revealed the other day.

Here is the first look of Vikram’s monstrous avatar in his much-awaited flick ‘Manoharudu’. This seems to be a side effect of a pills taken by the protagonist to cope up with the immense pressure in Modeling Industry. How Vikram has performed like a beast and how well Shankar etched this character is the only topic being discussed among movie buffs right now.

A brand new 90-seconds teaser of ‘I’ will be screened at the audio launch in Nehru Stadium on Saturday. Its going to be a 2-and-a-half hour extravaganza with a lot of exciting elements being planned by the organizers.


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