Vikram is in full demand now in T-town


Director Vikram K Kumar @ Ishq Press Meet PicturesHey come on, this is not about that Tamil hero Vikram buddies, it is all about the young and most wanted director of Tollywood Vikram K Kumar. This most talented director’s latest flick “Manam” is being highly appreciated by everyone in Tollywood now. After his debut film as director “Ishq” starring Nithin, he took a long gap to shape up “Manam” and he is enjoying the fruits for all his efforts.

Now, Nagarjuna is a proud producer to have gone in for a new director like Vikram for such a prestigious project involving all the three generations of his family. After the stupendous success talk of Manam on the very first day, there is been a huge turnout from many Telugu heroes showing interest now to do a film with him. Many of the top directors of Tollywood are now seeing a strong competitor in Vikram. As for the film circles, Mega star Chiranjeevi too is in the list and is almost at the top of the list. May be Chiru wants go in for a similar sort of celluloid to involve his family heroes for a single film!!!

If that really gets into pipe line, one can really bet on him that there won’t be any stopping for this director for sure. Way to go Vikram… expecting another blockbuster from you soon. Till then, enjoy the moment and ride on the “Manam”s stupendous success.


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