Vijay’s upcoming film Theri directed by Atlee Kumar.


Kollywood top actor Vijay’s upcoming film Theri directed by Atlee Kumar, will have Vijay as a cop, while Samantha, Amy Jackson, Mahendran, Rajendran and many others will be seen in pivotal roles. It is official that Vijay would be teaming up with director Bharathan for his 60th film. Keerthy Suresh plays the female lead and reports suggest that the film is likely to have another heroine as well. It is rumored that Vijay is playing a dual role in the film. Vijay 60 will be produced by Vijaya Productions.

‘Vijay 60’ has scope for two other heroines. Sources further add that Kajal Aggarwal whose name is cropping up as a probably heroine of this most anticipated flick ever since it launch has been roped into play one of the heroines in this flick. On the other side the team is also apparently in negotiating with Aishwara Rajesh of ‘Kaaka Muttai’ fame for the third heroine role in the flick. Malayala Actress Miya George was said to be playing Vijay’s sister, which she clarified with an official statement. However, there’s no official confirmation on the three heroine part. Interestingly this untitled flick might be on the lines of MGR’s classic double action film Enga Veettu Pillai. An official confirmation about this information is awaited!


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