"I am used to it " says Anjali


Actress Anjali Hot Navel Show Photos Gallery 5Few actors and actresses always make it to the headlines for some unwanted and bad reasons. Unfortunately Telugu girl,sexy Anjali is also one of them who always makes it to news for some odd reasons . Recently,she was in a big mess with Tamil director Kalanjiyam ,which is not settled yet. Speaking on all those issues,Anjali said ” I am used to them and trying to overcome them.them. I’ve been facing controversies for various reasons. I’ve already come to terms with them. Since I’m a strong woman, I know how to come back. I’m returning stronger.”

It may be recalled that Anjali had went missing for a couple of days and later made a dramatic appearance. Still, she has been facing legal issues regarding Tamil director Kalanjiyam and her aunt.

Anjali is now all set to bounce back with a female-centric film Geethanjali, a horror comedy which is due for release this week. Brahmanandam and Srinivas Reddy play vital roles in the film. As of now, “Geetanjali” has got already a very good pre- release talk. Lets hope Anjali makes it big league post “Geetanjali” release.


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