US President to release “Ai” audio?


shankarWow…how great that sounds…isn’t it? There are many interesting factor that are related to Shankar’s magnum opus “Ai”. Famous Tamil director Shankar seems to have big plans for the audio release of his forthcoming movie movie Ai starring Vikram. Well, the director has international destination is in his mind for the music release function but more interesting part of the story is that he plans to invite Hollywood celebs to the audio release. Recently the buzz says that the maverick filmmaker has invited Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It is still not sure whether those big celebrities of Hollywood , agreed for Shankar’s proposal. Apparently, in one of sequences, Arnold would be seen presenting an award to Vikram, who plays a bodybuilder. As per a latest grapevine, the event will have two other big faces too. The film’s producer Aascar Ravindran is said to be in talks with Hollywood biggie Tom Cruise and former President of United States, Bill Clinton, to release the film audio in a truly international style.

Now, coming to the venue, Shankar has decided to launch the Ai audio in Canada. It comes as a no surprise, as his earlier movie Endhiran – The Robot was launched in Malaysia. With so much in store, the audience sure hopes that Shankar will not let them down in terms of content and his signature directorial treatment. Amy Jackson is Vikram’s love interest while Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel and Santhanam are prominent cast in the romantic action entertainer.


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