Its two years of hard-work


mary-kom1-jul15One should really appreciate the guts of Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra to take up Mary Kom subject. Her commitment and dedication can be seen in the hardwork that she has put in to look so rough and tough. Being a glamor doll, Priyanka does maintain her skin so well.Not only her but many stars would not bear if their skin tans a bit at least. But look at this hot chick Priyanka, how is she looking? Her latest look in “Mary Kom” is simply shocking everyone. Like we said already, dusky siren Priyanka Chopra’s intense look is doing the magic. Also her carved muscles are giving goose bumps and our hottie explains the secret behind them. Speaking about her hard-work behind that look, Priyanka said ‘It took two years of rigorous training in the gym to get those muscles carved. Also my boxing sessions and training received from various fitness coaches helped me get Mary Kom’s muscle and mind’, said Priyanka Chopra, with comment pouring in about her muscular look. ‘That skin wasn’t easy, its heart, soul, blood and life’, she concluded. Being a glam-doll for all these years, Piggy Chops always maintained that curvaceous figure that could make a bikini look hotter on her body. But this is the first time she has given up her soft-skin and achieved something rugged for the sake of character. Guess its the season of films being made on Athlete’s lives. Recently we have witnessed “Bhaag Milka Bhaag” , a tremendous effort by Farhan akthar as Milka Singh, and now its Priyanka as Mary Kom. Let us wish even this film goes onto crack all the records at the box office ,just like “BMB “did.


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