Two super-stars to act together soon?


rajanikanth-mahesh-movie-detailsAny guesses who could be those two super-stars? Well let us raise the curtains for you. They both are none other than Tamil Super-star and the other being Telugu super-star Mahesh Babu. Shocked? Surprised? Well, it is true folks. This what the news we are getting at the moment. It is learnt that both Rajani and Mahesh are likely to work together in a film soon.   Senior producer Suryanarayana Babu,who earlier made films with both Rajanikanth and Krishn a in the past ,said to have got the dates of Rajani and Mahesh now.And it is learnt that he is now planning a huge multi-starrer film in this duo’s combination. How big is that?   As of now its just a buzz being circled in filmnagar but,they say we might get an official announcement soon. As Linga’s shoot is about to get wrapped up,Rajani will be free soon and its Mahesh to finish off Koratala’s flick.Then only this multi-starrer flick might go onto the floors. We will be back with more details soon. Until then, stay tuned folks.


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