Truth behind his Guinness record


M S NARAYANAThere has been a lot of hype created by the media on ace comedian MS Narayana’s guinness record a few days ago.This is a case of pure misunderstanding as a special story covered by one particular media influenced all others in the wrong direction. Finally it is found that there is no truth in it and it has upset star comedian MS Narayana.

A noted Telugu daily has published a special interview of MS Narayana, where the comedian quoted that his wish is to create a Guinness record. ‘I’ve acted in 700 films in the last 17 years. I want to create Guinness record by acting in more number of films than any actor ever’, said MS. But this is purely misquoted by another big-media and they went on saying that he has won a Guinness record without verifying.

According to Guinness book website, the record ‘Most Screen Credits For A Living Actor’ is on the name of another star comedian Brahmanandam. For getting screen credits in around 857 films from 1987 to 2010, Brahmi got this honor. Probably MS Narayana will need more time and chances to break this. Sharing his thoughts MS felt sad for media misquoting him and creating unnecessary false hype.

Well,there are few other artistes too who have the credits to their names to appear in more number of films.To mention a few, Allu Ramalingayya, Manorama and others.


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