Trivikram turns highest paid director ?


images (1)Whenever if some one speaks about the remunerations of Tollywood directors, one would blindly starts the list with S.S. Rajamouli right on the top? Isn’t it? Having such an excellent track record, everyone thinks that Rajamouli would stand top on the highest paid directors list,but the facts now seems to have changed.

It is learnt that , noted filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas is charging a bomb of 16 Cr for his next project with Bunny it seems. In the span of 12 years ,Trivikram Srinivas has so far directed only six films and now his seventh film is with Allu Arjun. This is his second venture with Bunny and their earlier film ‘Julayi’ was a hit.

However, keeping in view the kind of adulation he commands, sources say that including some distribution rights, this creative director is reportedly taking home Rs.16 crore as remuneration for his next film with Bunny! This will be a record if it is true.


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