Is Trisha losing it?


TrishaMake Hay while sun shine is one saying which aptly suits all the film Stars. Even they try to make hay as long as they keep shining. Heroes doesn’t have any problem but, heroines find it very difficult at some point of time in their career . Lack of opportunities, age factor pushes them into depression and make them take weak decisions . Insecurity feeling also drives them in this regards.

Now the latest news is that, top siren from Chennai, Trisha Krishnan is struggling these days to live up to her ‘top’ tag. Unfortunately, things are not happening her way and she herself is accepting her defeat now.

Apparently Trisha is not getting big offers anywhere in the south except the fact that she is debuting into Sandalwood with ‘Dookudu’ remake. With everyone knowing that she is a fading star, maybe an entry into Kannada films at this point of time will not make much difference. Surprisingly, Trisha is getting ready to play second fiddle on silver screen. This is happening with Gowtham Menon’s upcoming movie with Ajith that features Anushka as a heroine.

We hear that Trisha agreed to be part of a 15 minute role in the flick, and definitely this shows her desperation. Probably with the entry of young sirens who got gorgeous look and immense talent, our 30 year old senior beauty is accepting her defeat finally.

Try and get ready for some more skin show, or try Bikini if possible Trisha babe….or else, it won’t be so easy for you to survive any longer in either of the woods.


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