Tough time ahead for this chocolate boy


Sumanth-Ashwin-Nanditha-Lovers-Movie-Posters-07There are a few heroes who rose to fame in quick time and lost it in quick time as well. Especially, there were only few heroes who could fit boy next door and lover boy characters. To name a few, late Uday Kiran, Siddardh, Tarun etc. As all of them are already faded out,there is a vacant place for this lover boy slot. So,everyone is trying to fill that slot but, none of them proved to be a proper alternative for the above mentioned stars. But,here comes Sumanth,s/o ace producer MS Raju who is promising to fulfil that gap. He already has proved it with Anthakumundu Aa taruvatha in the recent past. He has that ease,looks,and of course good acting skills. But he still needs that one big hit,which can take him to the top level.

Sumanth’s latest flick ‘Lovers’ is oen film that is keeping him on his toes and he is obviously counting on it. And this film is hitting screens this independence day. The young chap is not hustling but still this flick is a litmus test for him to hold the trophy.

Directed by newcomer Harinath, ‘Lovers’ is backed by talented Maruthi who penned story and dialogues for the flick. As the film is releasing on a long weekend, Sumanth Ashwin will have good time to prove the mettle. Also his heroine Nanditha too enjoys huge popularity as native Telugu heroine with splashing charms. Wish them luck folks!


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