Top Producer’s tough call


dil rajuThey say,”When going gets tough, tough gets going” . Dil Raju, the star producer of TFI is really a tough man ,as he has decided to keep going while everything is going tough for him now. What has he decided? Read on.

Apparently many star heroes have hit Dil Raju straight on his head, we mean to say by delivering dud flicks for him. After scoring a blockbuster like Mr Perfect in 2011, Raju garu managed just duds like Gaganam, Oh My Friend and Ramayya Vastavayya. Though there are movies like Seethamma Vaakitlo and Yevadu, their blockbuster statuses haven’t helped our producer recover much financially. Because both the making costs and release delays have got equaled to the final numbers collected at box office. That is why Raju garu has now decided to not entertain any star hero in his camp.

Right now he is producing ” Kerintha “with youngster like Raj Tarun of Uyyala Jampala fame and later he will be banking only on small budgeted movies. Indeed that’s a good move, as star heroes and their star budgets are costing him a bomb.

So, we can’t expect any high budget films with star heroes from Dil Raju’s banner. This may disappoint all top heroes’s fans but, as this is a survival problem for Dil Raju, he won’t be minding it. Let us all wish Dil Raju all the good luck and hope he bounces back with a bang.


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