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download (1)Film Industry is one place where there wont be any consistency. Reason why all the stars,especially heroines strongly follow “make hay while sunshine” formula . As no one knows here when and why a star’s stardom will be lost. Reason why many of them makes an alternate profession when they are at peaks in film industry. Mumbai girl,milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia is also said to have setting up an alternate business of her own. Here is the news,read on.

Already milky siren is witnessing a steep decline in the kind of offers she is getting. Bollywood dreams got shattered as two of her big-ticket flicks bombed in a row. Even Tollywood is not much keen to zero on Tamanna as many directors feel that she lost sheen and turned monotonous. Even the recent release ‘Aagadu’ hasn’t casted magic and pushed her to the edge. If at all she has to retract from films, then Milky has chose an alternate profession of becoming a jewellery designer.

Recently while walking for saree-brand Joh Rivaaz, for whom Tamanna is a brand ambassador, our slender beauty flaunted an intricate jewelry set. She claimed that it was her own personal design and felt proud showcasing it for the first time to public. Perhaps, she is quick to chalk that exit-plan in case of downfall.


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