Top heroes helped Prakash Raj ?


prakash-rajYeah….it is true it seems. This is the information we got from one of our closest sources in TFI. But one would wonder, who are those top heroes and why do they have to help Prakash Raj? Well, we know that recently there was a big issue taken place between the ace director Srinu Vytla and the versatile artist Prakash Raj. After a few weeks, somehow that issue was settle calmly. But what we learnt now is,Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nandamuri Nata simham Balakrishna are behind it it seems.

Except Movie Artists Association, other groups like Directors Association and Producers Council are inclined towards banning this talented actor for a while such that his ego will come under control, says few sources in Film Nagar. All thought that it was Dil Raju who bailed out Prakash Raj from that crisis, but no…he is not behind it.

From Indra to Stalin, Prakash is quite close to Chiru and he maintained the same with Charan too after becoming part of his films from Chirutha to Zanjeer. At a time when Megastar is thinking of replacing Tamil actor Raj Kiran who is playing Charan’s grandfather role in Govindudu Andarivadele with Prakash, this ban settlement is taking place. That is why Chiru’s group intervened and sorted out the whole issue with Prakash not getting affected in anyway, such that he will be available for Govindudu without any problem.

At the same time, Balakrishna is also mulling over the idea of working with Prakash Raj for his latest movie ‘Godse’ being directed by newcomer Satyadeva. From a long time Balayya is contemplating about roping in Prakash, and that is why he too did his part such that the versatile villain will be on hand for shooting in June.

Of course, though it remains a kind of speculation till some one like Chiru or Balayya clears the air. Whoever it is, the issue is solved and Prakash Raj is back to his businees. That is what matters at the end of the day. What say folks?


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