Top hero donates 25 lac to directors


imagesNot many heroes show such kind gestures. In fact, they say that this was the first time that a Tamil hero has done so it seems. By the way, who did what? A top hero from Kollywood has donated a whopping sum of 25 lac for Directors welfare fund. He is none other than Vijay,who has shown his gratitude towards the directors whom he felt is the only reason for what he is today. How good is he at heart? Here is the complete on.

He is the Kollywood star Vijay and news from Chennai is that he has gone ahead and donated a whopping Rs 25 lakhs to the Directors’ welfare fund. The idea is to use this money to support directors who are struggling. Vijay reportedly stated he owes a large part of his success to many directors.

So, this is his way of thanking them. The other interesting part is that Vijay had reportedly laid down a condition that at any cost this topic must not be leaked. However, someone got a whiff and the news came out. This gesture is being hailed by everyone in Kollywood and they say that this is the first time in the Tamil cinema history that such a thing happened.

First question comes on everyone’s mind is didn’t ever Thalaiva Rajanikanth donate so?


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