Top director's threat for NTR-Puri movie?


ntr-puriMany things change overnight in the film industry. Especially,if a top hero feels uncomfortable regarding anything, that’s the end we can say. We all know that Nandamuri young tiger NTR is working with Puri Jagannadh at present. They say that, NTR is somehow unhappy by the way things are moving on regarding that project. Hence, it is being said that NTR is concentrating on Sukumar’s film and is planning to start that movie in parallel to Puri’s flick.

If reports are to be believed Junior NTR wants to kick-start his love story with creative director Sukumar at the earliest. In fact, young tiger and Sukku are supposed to join hands post ‘Rabhasa’, but that got delayed by 6 months due to various problems engulfing the making of Rabhasa. By then, Sukku’s 1-Nenokkadine tanked at box-office making Jr NTR take a backseat about the proposed movie with the creative think-tank. And what happened now?

As ‘Rabhasa’ has bitten dust, NTR has decided to not work on mass-action flicks anymore, but will be taking up family and love stories with a dose of ‘action’ and ‘adrenaline rushing’ sequences. With these thoughts in mind, NTR started liking the story narrated by Sukumar, for which the bound-script is also ready. As Puri Jagan’s project ‘Nenorakam’ is kept on a hold from a while and its progression looking uncertain, NTR is keen to kick-start Sukku’s project in parallel. That way there are plenty of chances for Sukumar to overtake Puri Jagan’s project.


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