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Top directors behind young debutante


Alludu Seenu Movie Audio Launch 01 (26)Amidst loads of expectations, Sai Sreenivas Bellamkonda made his debut with most discussed flick “Alludu Seenu” two days ago. Bellamkonda Suresh has set everything perfectly to make sure he gives his son a dream launch to Tollywood. He has been succesful in doing so,say the film critics. To support the news, here is something interesting inputs we received from our sources.

It is learnt that few top directors of TFI are running to grabh Sai Sreenivas’s dates to direct him their next projects. To name a few, talented director Sukumar and mega director Boyapati Srinu.

As per our sources, we learnt that Sukumar is planning a movie with Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas in his own production, which will be directed by Sukumar’s assistant it seems. It is said to be believed that Bellamkonda Suresh has already approved the subject and soon the film is expected to take off. Same is the case with Boyapati Srinu, as he also narrated a story to both Sai Srinivas and Suresh and got the ‘go ahead” it seems. We can expect this flick also to kick start sometime soon.

Just after his debut’s movie release, he already has two big projects in hand. What else can Jr. Bellamkonda can ask for?


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