Tollywood survived major threat for now


Film-Industry-TeluguMost of them might get shocked to know this,as not many of them are aware of this. There could’ve been a long delay in the releases of “Govindudu Andariaadele” ,” Aaagadu” and many more movies. But why? Here is the story read on.

If we have to go by the ‘warning’ notice given by Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation (TFIEF), a virtual shutdown of Tollywood is on the cards, disabling all producers from shooting their current projects.

Reason being is so simple and straight that the Remunerations of heroes like Mahesh Babu, Charan and Bunny are roaring in the skies. Hit music directors like Thaman and Anup Rubens are charging a bomb. Shruti Haasan and Anjali have hiked their fees. But an set-boy who used to get paid 300 rupees a day is getting the same payment from the last 5 years. Demanding a raise, members of all the 24 crafts of the industry have served a strike notice to AP Film Chamber of Commerce. They have given time till Friday (today).

As per the latest buzz, meeting went well between chamber and TFIEF .It is learnt that Chamber of commerce has asked for 45 days of time to fulfil the demands of TFIEF ,for which they agreed it seems. Employee’s federation stated that they get a hike in payments every three years but that is not happening from a while.

In case if TFIEF goes on a strike, then all the film shootings could have got halted. ith Aagadu still having 5 days of shoot left when the unit returns from Switzerland and Govindudu Andarivadele too having a week of work when they comeback from ongoing London schedule, surely they have to face heat in Hyderabad. Aagadu is being planned for Sep 19th release, while Govindudu Andarivadele is locked for October 1st release.


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