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erica-fernandez3-275x300We just can’t expect zero size figures,hour glass structured beauties in Tollywood, as the girls here somehow does’t like to fall in the catergory . Reasons could be thousands but one thing is for sure that we haven’t seen any Telugu girl with such curvaceous body like Ileana . Hence every director and producer show their interest to import North Indian girls for their films. And here is another beauty with such sexy structure , Erica Fernandes who is debuting into Tollywood with “Gaalipatam” tomorrow.

Erica Fernandez, the 21 year old Mangalore beauty, is all set to debut on Telugu silver screen with tomorrow’s release Gaalipatam. Although her first Telugu flick Dega still rests in cans, this latest one is hitting screens without any hassles. Showing her off 31-25-34 slim figure in a drum-stick like look, Erica wants to leave her footprints here. While her debut flicks in Tamil and Kannada are major flops, she doesn’t want similar fate meted out to her first step in Tollywood too.

She will be hottest size zero girl in Tollywood if at all she prospers by impressing audiences. This hot art and humanities student went all corners for Gaalipatam including lending her pretty lips for a beautiful kiss that sealed the air in between. Wish her luck folks! Hope Erica would rock Tollywood with “Gaalipatam” and makes it to the big league with her first film itself.


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