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Bollywood’s star actor Jackie sherof seems to be so happy about his son Tiger sherof’s launching to Bollywood this year. Tiger Sherof is making his debut as actor with Heropathi and he is also standing in most awaited actors list in TOI. But what is his father speaking about Tiger ?What is he sharing about his relation with Tiger?

Here are few of his thoughts. Jackie while talking to media, said “Well, he is as good a dancer as me He is absolutely in his regime. I am not in my regime. I have my chawal and ghee and all such things. He has a plan that he has for his looks and physique, which he sticks to. The first time I saw him on screen was at the trailer launch of Heropanti. That’s not the way I speak. I never imagined him to be so confident. ‘Sabko aati nahi, aur meri jaati nahi’ — that pause that he had. For a young boy like that, it’s commendable.”

“He is a great block of a chip. I am just the chip, he is the real block. I feel like a chirkoot in front of him. He is a different league all together. He has more substance. He will be more caring towards his mother, his wife and his own self and that is because he respects his own self. So it’s automatic. When you respect your own body, you respect everybody. I also loved my mother and every boy says that. But the kind of time he gives to his mother, I wish I could have given to mine. He goes beyond and is obsessed. He is obsessed by his mother and obsessed by his father. I was not. ”

Tiger Sherof has already caught the attention of everybody with his first look in “Heropanthi” ,which involved some jaw dropping stunts and punch dialogues. Lets all hope “Heropanthi” will be an apt launch for Tiger .


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