Is Thaman really a copy cat?


thamanThere have been so many complaints on Tollywood’s ace music composer S.S Thaman since a long time now.They say that Taman simply copies the theme music and tunes from different languages. Many of them make fun of him calling S.S Thaman as Same to Same audio Thaman for his repetitve tunes. Social networks are abuzz from today morning about young composer Thaman’s plagiarism. Cine lovers are busy accusing that he stole yet another stunning music track, this time from a Malayalam flick, and used it as background music for Superstar Mahesh Babu. However, truth seems to be inverse of this.

More than his song tunes, Thaman provides versatile and never before heard of kind sounds for background scores. His latest one for Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu is pretty outstanding. It catapulted Thaman into a big league of composers who are known for scoring exceptional theme music. However, netizens blamed Thaman saying that he copied the score from a Malayalam flick titled ‘Avataaram’, whose music is composed by popular Deepak Dev. Fans and Anti-fans are fighting over this, but the truth is on Thaman’s side this time.

Way back in May, Thaman composed the background score of Aagadu and some vocal hymns and chorus we hear in Aagadu theme come directly from Thaman’s mouth. But Malayali movie Avataram trailer was released just three weeks back and features the same theme song, including vocals. God knows the behind the screens matters.But Thaman is being blamed bigtime . Can we see a fullstop for this mess anytime soon? Lets wait and see.


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