Raviteja to show his "Power" to Chaitu


chaitu-ravitejaUsually we get to see many top stars competing with their films . Here is one of its face off between young lover boy Naga Chaitanya and Mass Maharaja Raviteja.

Still basking in the glory of Manam, though Autonagar Sugar has spoiled part of his party for a while, Chaitu is getting ready to deliver his humorous best again. This time he is coming up with a romantic love story, Oka Laila Kosam, which is directed by Vijay Kumar Konda. Billed to be an out and out comic caper with loads of romance and fun, this flick is already creating ripples with its unique promotional strategies. Latest reports reveal that our die-hard Majnu is getting ready to hit theaters on September 5th along with Mass Raja.

Both Oka Laila Kosam and Power have now decided to lock horns on same date, giving a variety of treat for cine lovers on the same day. Mass lovers could embrace in the thrills Ravi Teja will give, while class audiences drench in the love-showers of Naga chaitanya. The point now is,whether Chaitu can stand firm in front of Raviteja’s “Power”.


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