Teja Heroine struggling for success


Esther Noronha Saree Stills @ 1000 Abaddalu Success MeetDefinitely many of you must have forgotten this sexy siren , Esther Noronha. Any memory flashes on your mind? Well let us remind you. Esther made her debut with Teja’s “1000 Abaddhalu” starring Sai Ram Shanker as the male lead. Though the movie turned out to be a debacle and she didn’t get noticed much, she bagged a second film. Her second film was opposite Suneel in Bheemavaram Bullodu under Suresh Productions. Even this film didn’t change her fortunes much. The latest is Esther has bagged yet another film where she will be pairing up with Srikanth. The yet-to-be-titled film is going onto floors shortly and we hear that Ester plays village belle in the film.

Director Teja’s heroines have a special skill to bounce back and most of them proved successful in showbiz. Be it Kajal Aggarwal (Lakshmi Kalyanam) or Sada (Jayam) or Anita (Nuvvu Nenu) or Nanditha (Neeku Naaku Dash Dash, Prema Katha Chitram fame) have carved out a niche for themselves. Let’s see whether Ester do fall in same line or not. We have to wait and watch if Ester is third time lucky or not.


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