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Screen Name :Tarzan
Original Name : Laxminarayana.A
Phone : 040-65973060
Cell : 9440058036/9246377767
Email :
Address : 1-11-36,Near Budwal Ralway,Slation Road,Gagan Pahad road,Rajendra Nagar,hyd


Number of films : 50 Above

Prominent films : Ghayam,Shiva,Khsanam Khanam,Ranam,Pokiri,soori,Sri Anjaneyam

Other language films : Tamil-Dhool,Arasu,thoth jaya

First film

Year : 1992

Film : Ghayam

Director : Ramgopal varma

Producer : Yarlagadda surendra

Banner : S.S.Creations & Annapurna Studio's

Charector : Supporting villan


School : 10th


Mother tongue : Telugu

Other languages : English,Tamil

Personal info

Original name : Laxminarayana.A

screen name : Tarzan

Place of birth : Parigi

Father's name : Ramulu

Father's DOB : 11-01-1962

Mother's name : Veeramani

Mother's DOB : 08-02-1936

Spouse's name : Umarani

Spouse's DOB : 05-06-1971

Children : vikaram,harshitha

Children's DOB : 16-10-1998/12-08-1996

Contact Details

Telephone : 040-65973060

Cellphone: : 9440058036/9246377767

Address : 1-11-36,Near Budwal Ralway,Slation Road,Gagan Pahad road,Rajendra Nagar,hyd

State : AP

Other info

Memorable events : one big Accident met in fight moment in shri Anjaneyam and get My Seci=ond life

Hobbies : Social Services


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