Taapsee feeling the heat now


taapsee-pannu-wallpaper-3She must not have thought that its going to be so tough for her in the film industry when resigned her software job long time ago. She is none other than Taapsee Pannu, one of the unluckiest heroines down South,who is at immense pressure at present.

Her Telugu films fetched her good image and status all over South India. In fact, she got top level projects in very less span of time.Adding to this, she was considered as one of the leading actresses in South India after Tamanna, Kajal and Samantha. All other heroines raised to new level in South India, while Tapsee was seen nowhere in big projects in the industries. Tapsee recently revealed that the media is the main reason for her failure.

She stated that media raised baseless rumors which crashed her film career. She fired more on Kollywood media saying that several rumors were raised on her initial days which turned out to be the ones which destroyed her career in the later stage. At present Tapsee is under high pressure and is deeply looking forward for good projects to build her career once again in the industry.

As she is really feeling the heat now with back to back flops both in Bollywood and Tollywood,let us see if any director would come to her rescue.


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