Suriya’s 24 teaser release date out



The much-awaited teaser of 24 starring Suriya in the lead will be out on 4 March. The teaser of this Vikram Kumar director Sci-fi entertainer in which the maverick actor Suriya is playing triple roles for the first time, will be released at 6pm on March 4 as per official sources close to the team. ’24’ has been produced by Suriya under his 2D Entertainments banner. Samantha and Nithya Menen have acted as female leads in this most anticipated flick which will be hitting the screens as a early summer treat.Sources say that the crew is planning to release the trailer in a big way followed by an audio launch. A.R.Rahman composes the music, and the songs were expected to release in April. The teaser which was shown to select few has won admiration.


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