Suriya met his fitness idol Arnold


Surya-meets-his-fitness-idol-1477He is a top star in Kollywood and he is the inspiration for many youngsters in terms of acting and fitness. But still, Suriya has his own idols in acting and in fitness. Here is one of Suriya’s longti8me wishes came true ,when he met Hollywood Superstar Arnold on the occasion of Shankar’s I audio release yesterday. Tami actor Surya faced big blow with his recent film Anjaan and adding to that recently one of the top director from Kollywood announced that he won’t do films with Surya.The incidents might bowled out the confidence levels of Surya but the talented actor has a big reason to cheer up.Surya wondered when he met his role model Arnold Schwarzenegger today .

It’s known that Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been invited as the chief guest for the audio launch of Vikram-starrer Tamil romantic-thriller “I”.He has arrived to Chennai in the wee hours and busy with meeting all tamil celebs.

Suriya made his way into the gym at Hotel Leela Palace but he can’t believe his eyes after watching his role model Arnold who is already working out in the gym. Surya and Schwarzenegger hit it off instantly after being introduced by producer Ramesh Babu.

Both of them posed for a picture and exchanged pleasantries. As a matter of fact, Suriya and Arnold, coincidentally, wore the same color shirts and flaunting their muscles.The ‘Terminator’ star also signed the book for the Tamil actor, known to be a fitness freak.


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