Superstar’s double action rocks


rajinikanthDouble action is a common practice for all the heros to show case their talents in different shades. Almost all the top heroes did these double action roles and have entertained the audience. Superstar Rajanikanth also did quite a few double action flicks in the past. He is now doing one in the form of “Linga”. Two-Roles is a strategy Rajinikanth has been following over the years for reaching out to all the age groups using ample heroism elevating episodes. Even his upcoming flick ‘Lingaa’ isn’t an exception!

Rajinikanth’s last film Kochadaiyaan turned a super dud and his very next film Lingaa is carrying all the burden to score a hit. Rajini will be reprising two avatars for ‘Lingaa’ – One in the flashback and the other in present, a source says. One of this roles will be that of a District Collector who is role model when it comes to administration and taking care of the poor.

Currently, The shooting of ‘Lingaa’ is progressing in Ramoji Film City at a brisk pace. While Sonakshi Sinha already wrapped up her schedule , and Anushka joined the Linga ” team few days ago. These two masala babes will provide enough glamour show in the entertainer. Jagapathi Babu will be donning the main villain. KS Ravikumar of Narasimha and Dasavatharam fame wields the megaphone. ‘Lingaa’ has been slated for December 12th (Superstar’s Birthday) release, which happens to be Rajani Kanth’s birthday. What else fans would ask for? what say folks?


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