Superstar's daughter likes megastar?


SoundaryaFrankly speaking, there wont be any film lover who doesn’t like megastar Chiranjeevi’s dances. Yes, Chiru is firstly known for his energetic dances and fans always admired with his hip moves. The former megastar got one more celebrity fan and she is none other than superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth .

The director of Magnum opus Kochadaiiyaan recently participated in a popular talk show at Vijay TV. Speaking about Megastar Chiranjeevi,

“Yes…I’m a born Talaivar (Rajini) fan but I like Chiranjeevi Sir’s dances.The way he dances in the song Bangaru kodipetta is awesome…what an ease and charisma…he is simply amazing!” she added.

She also responded on other south heroes. The one she would like to act with – Soundarya picked Thala Ajith .Soundarya named Surya as the best dressed actor in Kollywood.The talented Director also expressed her view on remaking classics. She said certain classic movies should be left alone as magic can never be re-created.

Well Chiru, there is yet another fan added to your huge fan base. As many of them are eagerly waiting to watch you on screen soon, when are you giving them the good news?


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