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Superstar to sing soon


Mahesh-BabuIt will always be a big news, when a top actor sings for his own character. We have witnessed Chiranjeevi, Pawankalyan, Siddardh,Popular actors crooning for their films have become a fast growing trend. Earlier, big stars like Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Siddharth singing this way. Now its Superstar Mahesh babu’s turn.

Yes it is, as per the sources, we came to know that,Mahesh Babu is singing a song for himself for “Aagadu” movie.
Already we know that, Mahesh lends his voice to other hero’s films like “Jalsa”,That itself entertained the audience to the core. And now when Mahesh sings, sure that is going to create waves . “Aagadu” might see the light in May last week or First week of June. Fans must wait till then.


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