Superstar shocks "Linga" unit members


rajinikanthAny clue why he has done that and what could be ther reason behind it?Here is the news on.Many top actors tend to be short tempered people with extremely low patience. The stress of living life in the public, the pressure of having to succeed all the time and the general issue of having lakhs and lakhs of fans can lead to such behaviour.But one superstar is different.

Even though he has all of the above, he is very humble and patient and that is none other than Rajinikanth. The superstar is so humble that he stands up and greets anyone who comes to meet him.

He also patiently takes snaps with every fan who comes to meet him. This supreme level of patience and understanding has shocked the film unit of ‘Lingaa’ as well as film industry members in Hyderabad. Perhaps, our own top actors can take a leaf out of Rajini’s book.


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