Superstar rejected Shanker's request?


Mahesh BabuThere have been so many rumors that have been spreading since a few days stating that Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu attending the audio launch of Shankar’s “Ai”. And the latest buzz is that, NO …Mahehs is not attending the event it seems. Wonder why? Here is the story…read on.

In fact, music launch of ‘Manoharudu’ is a prestigious event for the whole crew of Shankar in view of the gigantic budget to be recovered from box office. For the very reason, they have invited Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger as Chief Guest for the launching eve. Adding to this, rumours milled cooked that Mahesh Babu will also join him. However, Mahesh has today made it clear that he is not attending the audio launch of Manoharudu. There is no iota of truth in the rumors, he cleared.

Mahesh dazzled at the Paragon Footwear yesterday,addressed the press conference and revealed the news. Right now, he is also busy completing final dubbing work for ‘Aagadu’ that is slated for 19th September release.

So,that is a big disappointment for all Superstar fans,we can say.


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