Superstar costly watch caught the attention


wrist-watch415x250When it comes to celebrities,everything that is related to them will be a news. Even their accessories would also make it to the news. Don’t believe? Here is one such news.. just check the story out.

We know that big stars prefer to wear most expensive accessories to match their stardom. Hope you all must be aware of the new teaser of “Aagadu” that was launched the other day. There is a dialogue like ” Sir watch teesarante, match modalayinantte”? Did you observe the watch that Superstar Mahesh Babu removes his watch from his wrist? Yes, now that has created buzz.

Any guesses how much that watch costs? Just 10 lac..believe us. Shocked? of course, everyone does..whoever comes to know about this interesting news. The watch, which is seen on Mahesh’s wrist is said to be very expensive and one would definitely wonder after hearing that price.It’s a Piaget Polo 45 Chronograph which costs around $16,000 and which is around Rs.10 lakhs in Indian rupees. As per reports, the watch specifications are its case is made with Titanium, 35 Jewels.

Not many people know about Mahesh Babu’s love for watches but this watch is now going to be quite famous among his fans and movie lovers for sure. One does not know whether the watch is a personal choice or bought by Aagadu producers on director Sreenu Vytla demand. ‘Aagadu’ is slated for release on 26th September. Milky beauty Tamannah will be seen as a village belle, as a owner of a sweet shop. Thaman has composed the music of this movie. Srinu Vaitla directed this movie on 14 Reels Entertainment.


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