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Superstar busy shopping at RFC


RajnikanthOne of the most awaited movies of the year “Lingaa” , directed by ace director K.S Ravi Kumar is now shooting briskly at hyderabad. Superstar Rajnikanth is currently participating in the shooting of the film Lingaa which is being directed by KS Ravikumar. This film is on the cards and Sonakshi Sinha is making her south debut with this film. The principal shooting of htis latest film Linga is currently going on in Ramoji Film City.

Rajanikanth ,Anushka are shopping at RFC at present. Hey, don’t wonder that what superstar is interested in to purchase? This is all a part of the shoot mind you. Some key comedy scenes are being shot amidst a shopping backdrop in which comedian Santhanam is taking part along with Rajnikanth, Anushka. This will be a marathon schedule in Hyderabad where major part of the film will be completed and the schedule lasts till the last week of this month.

Any Thalaiva fans can go to RFC and meet him, if your luck permits you. Conditions apply*.


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