Super Star Mahesh Babu’s exclusive interview


At a charity dinner with 200 odd guests ,Super Star Mahesh Babu was an eye catcher among the audience and was interacting with others. The Times of India has made a coverage of few answers he spoke while interacting .Mahesh Babu spoke about Gautham & Sitara as well. Recollecting his childhood memories, he said that he grew up at Chennai and had a very normal childhood and his father’s stardom didn’t come in his way. When asked about Gautham becoming a child actor, Mahesh said that it would be a lot of pressure for him and he is too young to decide so we should wait and see.

When asked if he would like his daughter Sitara to be an actress if she wanted to, Mahesh said he would like her to become a scientist. He claimed to be close to Sreenu Vaitla and Trivikram Srinivas, and worked with them for two films each. His favourite holiday destination is Dubai and would prefer Demi Moore if he could take any actress to dinner at Los-Angeles. He gave credits to Namrata for holding things together and ensuring that home is away from pretense of showbiz. Also our prince didnt show any interest of getting into politics.


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